There are many great programs you can use to transmit your video & sound. More companies are coming online every month with new products and it is getting easier to "make a visual connection". The problem is that once you do have your video & sound set up "how do people find you?".

That's where we come in! We have two ways for you to be seen online. The first is our worldwide People Section. This feature places your listing geographically in your city, state and country. The other way you will be found is when you Log On to our system. Our real time database makes it so people can see who is online 24 hours a day.



Step 1: Set up your VideoPhone Using One of the Many Programs Livecam Progams

Step 2: After You Have Setup Your LiveCam CLICK HERE to Test your System.

New! Step 3: Get Listed in Our Worldwide Mapping System CLICK HERE




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